Design Your Image

How many times have you gone shopping and you’ve loved something on the rack, but it just doesn’t fit right? It has also been a number of times when you’ve wanted that orange just a tad bit lighter. Let your image consultant coach you on what you should wear, and then make sure you get that perfect outfit too!


This is an Image Consulting firm with an added bonus. Ritu Punjabi, your Image Consultant, comes with 3 years of experience as a fashion designer. Having catered to high-end clients, brides and working professionals in addition to practically everyone with an interest in fashion, she comes with an all round know-how of clothes, style, and bespoke tailoring.


Image consulting is your way to breed confidence through your body language, etiquette and clothing. When it comes to clothing, with a practiced designer as your consultant, you get many added services like customised designs and specifications as per your consultation.


Once you have completed your consultation (which includes: lifestyle evaluation, personal style evaluation, body and face shape evaluation, colour evaluation, wardrobe evaluation, etiquette and body language, and personal shopping and styling), you will be taken through an optional session where Ritu, as per your consultation, can guide you through recommended outfits and designs and personally design them for you, as per your customised evaluations based on style, trends, and preferences.


Recommendations of prints, colours and cuts become a designed reality with Ritu. Bespoke tailoring as per your consultation, by your consultant is the only logical way to do it.