Individual Solutions

Marriage involves change, and a lot of it. You’re picked up from one social setting and taken to a whole new one. You may have the comfort level required for this new setting, but do you have your style right? Cue, Bridal Image Consulting.

Ritu, a specialised Bridal Image Consultant, with years of experience designing bridal wear, is the cure to the fashionistabridezilla! She brings to you consulting for bridal outfits for all your wedding functions, your trousseau, and your post marriage style.

As part of your consultation process, you are evaluated based on your current lifestyle and your post marriage lifestyle. Your environment, routine, and personal style are taken into consideration in this process. A complete shift in any of these aspects of your life requires a wardrobe change as well. Party animal to homebird, working professional to homemaker, Jane Doe to socialite, Ritu can prepare you for anything.

As part of their trousseau, brides have the tendency to blindly shop for outfits they like. Your consultation process will include weeding out and improving your current wardrobe, while making use of existing items and personal shopping to add outfits to your trousseau based on your image specific consultation. With Ritu as your consultant, your outfits can be custom designed as well based on the aspects of your personal style and wardrobe evaluation.

Count on some gorgeous D Day outfits and some elegant post marriage styling. Flatter your image, and enhance it, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!