How often have you used the phrase, “I have nothing to wear!”

But more often than not it’s not that you don’t have anything to wear but rather a case of how you perceive your wardrobe and the psychology behind what you think you can wear!

Clothes speak a language of their own, and if done right, have the power to draw attention wherever you go, without saying a single word.

Remember to think of your wardrobe as an investment. Not only in the tangible garments you buy, but also in the intangible effects that they have on you; affecting the way you think, feel, act and the way others react or respond to you. And it’s not even about what you wear. It’s more about how and why you wear it!

When you’re comfortable with your clothes you tend to be more comfortable with yourself. Your mind is free from concern about your appearance & you can focus on other important endeavors. People see you as you want or need to be seen, and can concentrate on you and the activity at hand rather than making petty judgments.

To sum it all, your image – the way you care for & carry yourself , the clothes you wear, your personal style, your poise and presence – is all a part of who you are, affecting the way you think, feel, act and live.

At TenueR, we understand these finer nuances. Hence we incorporate a number of processes to understand your specific requirements and work towards giving you the perfect wardrobe experience that enhances your look as well as your image.

We see image building on a more holistic level and understand that Image Consulting is not just about addressing the outer appearance; it is about embracing and enhancing the inner person. Which is why we use a mélange of factors like fashion design, personal styling and traditional image consulting to give you need based solutions based on your requirements